Monday, July 30, 2007

April Mix

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a mix submitted to dan zacks' page, - this is a groovy mix concocted early on a rare overcast morning. starts off soulful and creeps into some wake up boogie. i may have edited some of the tunes for a smootherer ride to meet w/Dan's radio format.


family underground "living for the love of you"
shaker "since we're not together"
zodiac "i miss you"
hollies "draggin my heels"
lions and tigers and shit
al johnson "i've got my second wind"
steve abdul khan "got to have your loving"
new world generation "feelin good"
willow band "willow man"
tommy mcgee "now that i have you"
walter linley & star band "please show up"
maxx traxx "don't touch it"
kenix "no one like you"
sun palace "rude movements"
universe city "can you get down"
el shobey "never miss what you got"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Vinyl Altruism

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and vinyl altruism is what you'll get here. sheddin some ego for everyone. free to download, no hangups. expect some nice modern soul/disco/boogie mixes to get dropped here. planning on airing some exclusive edits of all kinds on this blog as well, so get set. anyone who bootlegs these mp3's to vinyl must first send me a test press on 45.