Monday, December 24, 2007

INTERVIEW: Quinn Harris - "accidental mastermind"

Here is an interview I conducted in late 2005 with Quinn Harris, a bandleader, writer & arranger hailing from Riverside, CA. I knew about Quinn from various independently released records he had done. All of which were phenomenal and rather obscure, even to seasoned soul music collectors. As I was moving West, I stopped by Riverside on my way into Los Angeles and got some words. My friend, freelancer Brian Webb, transcribed and wrote the piece.

The piece has just been printed in the latest Wax Poetics magazine (#26: THE HIP HOP ISSUE). They did an amazing job with the photos we submitted. Here I will include some extra photos I took of Quinn, and some more goodies from his photo album.



Quinn drives a Jaguar, but likes to cruise around town sporting a crisp Member's Only jacket on his Vespa.


Here is a photo of Quinn's project "The Love Story". The group never recorded.


Detail taken from the LP cover to Devonne Armstrong's solo LP.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

EBONIC CUTS: mix w/ playlist


EBONYCUTS.COM - disco funk mix archive hosted by designer Lynn Petrin.

Killer website design, please give the man a round of applause. Here we have a virtual collection of disco, funk, and beyond. Next to the imaginary records we have mixes taken from REAL records, which are posing as faced up Lp's on the shelf. This was a mix was put together for 'Cuts in 2006.



1) backlash 'hang withthe gang' - Stratasphere LP
2) darryl douglas - Kebar 12" (guitar solo edit)
3) joe gibbs - trinidad (edit)
4) le cop - groove your body (edit)
5) action - disco dip (edit)
6) henrich - instrumental
7) iceomatic - steppin fo yo love
8) continental express - strugglin to the top
9) chris' magic band - you've made me happy
10) elastic leather sisters - i'll betcha
11) bliss - movin - (remix)

Friday, December 21, 2007


Before we had disco, we had northern soul. Before we had beards, we had moustaches. Before we had mixing skills, we had the THURSDAY NIGHT FEVER mix. This mix was done about 1 1/2 years ago for my scottish homeboy Al Kent's page MILLIONDOLLARDISCO.COM


thursday night fever mix

1- board of directors- hangin tough 12
2- cross bronx express- cross bronx expressway 45
3- soseme makunde- manzara (sp) 12
4- holzer and kamarra- pure love 45
5- educators band- everybody doin their thang 45
6- chemistry- closer 12
7- paper doll- get down boy vers. 45
8- steel city connection- steel city disco 45
9- life- you're so good- 12
10- scarbrough- make love to you 12
11- (disco police)- keep it burning 12
12- dreamscape- outergroove lp
13- william hart- time out for love ep/12

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BRASIL:2007 sao paulo

first time playing records in Brasil.

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view of near downtown, Paulista/Hidianapolis

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carlos dafe live at park ibirapuera (w/ instituto performing Tim Maia's "rational" live)

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disco sete

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Lipton Whitaker


it is finally back on.

back in effect. small inventory. the lotus land site isn't operating to straight right now, so i'll be over here. find me when you need me.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Newcleus & Egyptian Lover

photo taken by random clubgoer at mezzanine sf.

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We all know this band, I'm talking we as in those born between 1977 & 1985. However very few of us have heard this group's demo recordings. Here we have a short encounter with one of electro's greatest grandaddy's 4 track, pre vocoder, demo. Destrucabooty.


Spatial Time

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check out some pillowy sounds.

Brothers & Sisters

Monday, July 30, 2007

April Mix

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a mix submitted to dan zacks' page, - this is a groovy mix concocted early on a rare overcast morning. starts off soulful and creeps into some wake up boogie. i may have edited some of the tunes for a smootherer ride to meet w/Dan's radio format.


family underground "living for the love of you"
shaker "since we're not together"
zodiac "i miss you"
hollies "draggin my heels"
lions and tigers and shit
al johnson "i've got my second wind"
steve abdul khan "got to have your loving"
new world generation "feelin good"
willow band "willow man"
tommy mcgee "now that i have you"
walter linley & star band "please show up"
maxx traxx "don't touch it"
kenix "no one like you"
sun palace "rude movements"
universe city "can you get down"
el shobey "never miss what you got"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

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Vinyl Altruism

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and vinyl altruism is what you'll get here. sheddin some ego for everyone. free to download, no hangups. expect some nice modern soul/disco/boogie mixes to get dropped here. planning on airing some exclusive edits of all kinds on this blog as well, so get set. anyone who bootlegs these mp3's to vinyl must first send me a test press on 45.