Sunday, December 23, 2007

EBONIC CUTS: mix w/ playlist


EBONYCUTS.COM - disco funk mix archive hosted by designer Lynn Petrin.

Killer website design, please give the man a round of applause. Here we have a virtual collection of disco, funk, and beyond. Next to the imaginary records we have mixes taken from REAL records, which are posing as faced up Lp's on the shelf. This was a mix was put together for 'Cuts in 2006.



1) backlash 'hang withthe gang' - Stratasphere LP
2) darryl douglas - Kebar 12" (guitar solo edit)
3) joe gibbs - trinidad (edit)
4) le cop - groove your body (edit)
5) action - disco dip (edit)
6) henrich - instrumental
7) iceomatic - steppin fo yo love
8) continental express - strugglin to the top
9) chris' magic band - you've made me happy
10) elastic leather sisters - i'll betcha
11) bliss - movin - (remix)

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